Some Updated Answers On Smart Programs For Doctors Care For Problems With Poor Vision

About 30 percent of the local roads in Berkley, such as this section of Harvard near Woodward Avenue, are in poor condition. The City Council has appointed a citizens advisory committee to explore how the city can best allocate funds or seek a millage to pay for city building and infrastructure repairs. Mike McConnell - Daily Tribune. Residents will soon get a survey asking them to weigh in on the future of the Community Center and Berkley Ice Arena. This input (from the survey) will help City Council determine what residents want regarding leisure services and determine the level of interest in maintaining an ice arena in Berkley, said Chelsey Humphrey, city communications coordinator in a statement. visit hereThe ice arena was closed a couple of months ago because of mechanical and other failures at the facility. Surveys should start showing up in residents mailboxes within the week, Baumgarten said, and information is available online at the citys website at . The state of our roads is the most visible problem, Baumgarten said, adding that state funding for local roads has been rolled back in recent years. Under the surface we have an aging water system and some parts of it are 90 years old. There are 52 miles of roads in Berkley and about 30 percent of them are in poor condition. There is a need for a new community center or ice arena, depending on what preferences residents express in the upcoming survey check my reference and public meeting on the issue, officials said. The question is what do residents want to see at the community center and does their vision include an ice arena, Baumgarten said. But large-scale public improvements are expensive.

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